If I could have 10 people from history over for dinner, Leonardo DaVinci would be on that list in my world. He truly was the world’s most famous journal writer and observer of the everyday! I recently took my children (and their friends) to see an incredible exhibit at the science center that featured the many works of DaVinci and was struck by how incredible and truly versatile this man was. Seeing his sketch books was really a profound moment for me. It got me thinking about journalling in general and how introspective and useful it is not only to the writer but, those who happen upon them later on. My question upon leaving the museum to the kids was, “What amazing things are you going to concentrate on and write about today?” The same thing could apply to each and everyone of us as well. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to interact with people (as many people scrap in groups or in classes) but, ultimately, it is about putting down the things in your head in such a way that others will be able to share in them later on.

Mataart42 had some wonderful collage sheets on etsy that can be easily used to create your own DaVinci inspired masterpieces!



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