Mulberry Paper

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I had never actually heard of this before. Sometimes I think I am a very intelligent person and then other times I realize I know very little.

Anyway, this is what most people call “rice paper”. I have a link her to Wikipedia that gives a definition of what mulberry paper exactly is.

It looks to be a great accent paper for any type of paper craft you are working in, but it adds that little extra something to a [tag]scrapbooking layout[/tag]. If you are looking for little something different to accent your layout, I definitely feel you should consider this option. I have below some links to different articles and places that you can purchase mulberry paper online.

If you end up trying, let me know how it turns out and what you think of working with it. I am tempted to purchase some myself. If I end up doing it, I will let you know what I think.

Articles with ideas

Life Tips It is the 4th tip down.

Ezine Articles

Places to Purchase

Sticker Delights

Paper Addict

Always the best place to look once you have an idea of general price.

Oriental Trading Company

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