As You Like It

This week has been crazy busy in my world….chock filled with interesting people and places. I wanted to share with you a story about a woman I had in class and the incredible lesson we all learned from her.

The premise behind the class was to write about the best day ever and tell your story by using random items that brought those memories back into your head. It is really an exercise in the creative process and getting out of your comfort zone really…you should see the “random” items I bring to class for them to use…. At any rate, we were well into the class when someone noticed the student in the front row and her page literally encased in stickers…all sorts of stickers including the ones you find on fresh produce. I could see the folks around her were baffled by her display and noticed a few arched eyebrows as well. For me, I was definitely curious and intrigued. When it came time to share why we made what we did, this woman stood up. She was missing a leg and was fairly scarred. She said, “I know this looks terrible and well, it isn’t my best work but, it is my best day ever. It was the day I regained consciousness and started the rehabilitation process after being in a terrible accident. I did not know my name, where I was, how to walk or talk but, I could put stickers, the gold stars, on the page for each day I was getting better. Each day I was awake and breathing was my best day.” She continued on to share the story about how each day she could stick a new sticker meant she was getting a piece of herself back and that because she stuck it where she liked it, it was as if her voice was being rediscovered. She embraced the small victories and told her story in a way none of us in that room will ever forget.

It takes a lot of courage to be yourself especially in a world that tends to frown on non-conformity. You must tell your story in way only you can tell it and as you like it.

I loved this little diddy and the use of stickers PamelaPosch there on Etsy created.

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