Young Artists

I am not sure if you are like me, but I have three busy little artists at my house. My husband and I have three daughters and they are constantly providing us with artwork.

Whether it is the two-year-olds scribbles or the 11-year-olds masterpieces, all artwork should be treasured and remembered.

I know one of my favorite things as I grew up was to look back at the artwork I had given my parents. Now, my artwork will never make my parents any money, but I know it brings them warm thoughts and fond memories.

My suggestion to you is to grab a sampling of your [tag]child’s artwork[/tag] and use it in a scrapbook. I know some of my girls’ artwork would make great background pages, as I am sure, your child’s would also.

You can create a page around a card your child made for you. Maybe add a picture of them during that time period, a little note about how it made you feel to receive, or maybe a story that goes with it.

Our children are only young for so long and then they have become these grown people with busy lives. Hopefully, our children will continue to create as they grow older. But if they do not, a [tag]scrapbook[/tag] filled with their work would be a blessing to them and to you.

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