Life Is A Beach At Provo Craft Or Is It?


Provo Craft have been in hot water a few times now and their lack of good customer relations (check out the complaints board here ) is starting to take it’s toll on small store owners and now the individual scrapper. Word of mouth is very popular and people are having less and less Nice things to say.

Here is the problem (this time) .  People pre-ordered the new Life Is a Beach cricut cartridge based on the Pre-order artwork release. It turns out this artwork was only preliminary and some of those images did not make it to the final retail product.Basically people got their cartridge in the mail to find images missing un aware they had been pre-viewing a rough draft of a final product.

Here is what Provo had to say about it in their online statement.

Of course we still love their products and that is what is motivating so much of their sales…..

** Updated**

If you ordered your cartridge between February 25th – April 14th and you wish to return it, they will give you a full refund of your purchase. Just send them back the cartridge and a copy of your receipt and they will refund you for 100% of your purchase. Check out the details of the REFUND PROCESS here.

Written By Guest Editor Shellie Wilson


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    That’s just unsatisfactory. They need to clearly explain that it’s a rough cut so that people don’t make this mistake. At least they fixed the problem for their customers. but honestly!


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