Learning to Scrap

How did you start scrapbooking? Was it at a friend’s house, did you attend a convention, or perhaps, sat in on a class in your local scrapbooking store? Most likely, if we are to believe the industry reports, you were invited by someone and the rest was, as they say, the proverbial history of the matter. How we set our memories to paper is just as varied as how it was we were introduced to the art in the first place. Some folks write journals and stick random things to their pages, some love the 12 x 12 layout while some are just crazy about mini-albums and some, choose to highlight their moments in an altered bit or a collage. The point is, there is no wrong way to do it. The other day, I received a survey in my inbox from PageSage, the company that created my Functional Art DVD. It got me thinking about how crafting and scrapbooking have evolved over the past few years to mean so much more and encompass so many various artforms in the process. PageSage is a company that has an entire library of educational DVD’s in a variety of mediums ranging from fabrics to collage to even polymer clay. The cool thing I found was things like stamping (Judi Watanabe’s DVD), Collage (MaryJo McGraw’s DVD), and even polymer clay (Judy Belcher’s DVD) all had their variations of scrapbooking projects that pushed the norm and “traditional” scrapbooking formats. I think the point is, we all have many interests and many different creative ways we share our stories and our memories with the world. I encourage everyone to go over and take the survey themselves and in the process put their name into the drawing to win the entire collection of DVD’s (including Carol Duvall’s new DVD Art Unscripted).

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