It’s Photo Friday!

Today it’s all about photography! Look for links to articles about purchasing a camera and lenses, editing photos, learning exposure concepts and more. And if there is a photo related issue you want to learn more about, let me know in the comments so that I can search those links out for you. Ready, set, click!


  1. Laura says

    I had my Brownie when I was a child and always wanted to get into taking pictures again. My son just bought me a point & shoot but, I want to be able to play around with the camera & prints in my own way. Maybe even make art out of them. I hear that point & shoots are jpeg and you can’t manipulate them much and the way to go is with a superior cameras with Adode Illustrator. I am really interested in finding out more between cameras capabilities, how to manipulate them and how to manipulate my pictures, so I can start the fun, again.

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