I Love Scrapbooking!!

Today I thought I give you a list of the reasons why I love to scrapbook.

1. Memories. I love to relive good memories. Not often do we photograph the rough times in our lives, so go through my pictures and scrapbooking them always lifts my spirits and sometimes brings a happy tear.

2. Peace. There is just something about taking time away from the daily grind to create a lasting memorial to my heritage and family. It just always calms me, again helps me remember the good times, helps me to leave the garbage in the past, and draws me to a place of hoping for the future.

3. Creativity. As a mother of three, my creativity can be easily spent. So when I do get the opportunity to take it out and dust it off, I love it. I love to match shapes and colors, textures and dimensions, sentiment and practicality.

4. Hands on. What better way to be creative and create than with your hands. I think this might be one of the reasons I find peace also. It is just therapeutic take something that has many pieces, bring it together, and have it look like art, my art, but art nonetheless.

5. Storytelling. I love being able to put my twist on the events that have happened in my life. I try to stay true, but of course, I do have my perspective and opinion.

6. Joy. I love the joy it brings to others to look at my layouts. Mostly, it is my mom, sisters, and female in-laws that appreciate, but that is okay with me.

7. Giving. I feel as if I put a piece of myself in each layout that I do. That may not seem like a lot today, but I know someday, it will mean a lot to my children and their families. I have found pictures that my parents have, but there is no description or names on the back. I have looked at those and thought how much I would have liked to know the who, why, and where of those pictures.

8. Sharing. I also enjoy going to other people’s houses and looking at the scrapbooks. I love to be able to share in the memories that they have captured. It helps you to know people better by the stories they share, but also by the colors, layouts, and textures they chose to enhance their photos.

9. Honor. I love to be able to honor my family members in the scrapbooking pages I make. There are times when we are not on the closest terms with our family members and this is a special way of saying, “Above all else, I love you and no matter what, I will always love you.”

10. Dreaming. There we were in the past. Here we are today. What will the future hold?

Those are some of my reasons for scrapbooks. Let me know some of yours.


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