How to Transfer Your Projects From Two Peas in a Bucket to

Yesterday I wrote about the closure of Two Peas in a Bucket. If like me you have lots of your projects loaded in their gallery, and would like to easily transfer them elsewhere, now has a tool that will do it for you automatically!

Scrapbook transfer tool

Follow this link to transfer your layouts. The process is pretty simple. Make sure you’re logged into your account. if you don;t have an account, you can join up free.

Follow the instructions, and enter your Pea number, which you can find in your Two Peas Account profile


You’ll see the processing page with looks like this

Transfer in progress

Depending on how many layouts you have, and the speed of your computer and connection, it might take a while for the transfer to complete. Make sure not to navigate to another page until it’s complete. Once done, you’ll see an image like below, and a link to your gallery.

Transfer to scrapbook complete

And there it is! My new gallery at All 817 of my projects were transferred over. The only glitch seems to be that a layout from a few years back showed up first with an upload date of today. All the others,  seem to be in chronological order, with the newest ones first.


New gallery at Scrapbook

And now I’ll get my gallery even more up to date with all the layouts I’ve done this year. See you at! I will be trolling the gallery there to find features for the Inspiration du Jour series.


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