I told you I would go looking for programs and I have started.

Today, I received a newsletter from [tag][/tag]. In it was information regarding this program called [tag]FotoFusion[/tag]. It is a [tag]digital scrapbooking[/tag] program. It has three different levels you can choose from. They are Scrapbook Essentials for your everyday scrapbooker, Enhanced for those that are a little more involved with their photography than the average person, and Extreme for professional photographers. The Essentials costs $39.95 with the others quite a bit more. They do offer a free trial that you can use for two weeks. You can even choose to try it without the free trial, but if you try to print anything it will have a watermark on it. The free trial allows you to print without the watermark.

I have tried out this program and as in all programs there is a learning curve. The program is really simple to use. You will just have to learn how they have things set up and how it all works. I would say it is easier and faster than PhotoShop Elements which is what I now have installed on my computer. I really enjoyed working with this program. I think if you are just beginning it is great and if you are an experienced digital scrapper, you will enjoy the quickness of it all going together.

I recommend that if a program offers a free trial take it. Use it for a few days and see if it is compatible with you and how you work. Never buy anything you are not totally sure you are going to use and enjoy.

LumaPix FotoFusion

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