Easy Squeeze Glue Gun

scrap5.jpgFiskars Easy Squeeze No Heat Or Cord Glue Gun

RRP: $24.95  Glue Refills $4.99

These glue guns remind me of those toothpaste squeezers, you don’t really need them as despite your expectations the toothpaste, or in this case glue will still go everywhere.

I must not be the only one disapointed by these are I am seeing them marked down all over the internet. So why am I reviewing it ? Well it is great for arthritic hands (assuming you can use the trigger) and kids as the flow is some what controlled.  It does tend to carry on oozing out after you stop pressing it, but that is the same with all compressed tubed stuff, again like toothpaste.

Another great thing about this luxury tube squeezing item is that it gets the glue out of the whole tube and not just the top section as some tube stuff, again like toothpaste.  :)

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