It seems now more than ever, being busy is a plague on our creativity. I know that around here over the past few days, if it wasn’t for computer quirks, power outs, flooding, and some nasty weather, I’d be a lot less busy but, still busy nonetheless. So as I sat down here to the computer to think about this for a bit, I began to wonder what it is that steals our time in the first place? I sat down and decided to write down every single thing I did in one day to find out exactly what it was that was keeping me from creating and documenting my memories…. I was shocked by what I found. It wasn’t one big thing stealing my moments, it was a lot of little things I allowed to creep into my schedule that sneakily lifted my precious time.

To some, “busyness” is a badge of honor; we seem more important if our schedules are chock full with not a moment to spare. But, my question is, what are our schedules filled with and, more importantly, will they really matter 10 years from now? I do not mind being busy with my family and friends doing stuff that matters, it is the little unimportant things that I let get in the way that bug me. Mark your days and make them count, do not let “busyness” steal away the moments you want to remember.

Here is a wonderful site for Calendar inspiration and my absolute FAVORITE site for everything Day Planners (templates galore here folks!)

Here is a lovely Calendar on Etsy from Scrappinghappiness


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