Buried Treasure

So I bet you didn’t know that today is the official talk like a pirate day….seriously, it is and, it is a global made-up holiday. I am waiting with baited breath for a new line of “Talk like a Pirate” sundries and gift cards to flood the market….”Ay shiver me timbers me hearty land lubbers, I am the dread Pirate Sarah…”

So, other than interesting flags, stealing stuff and heavy eye make-up, what do we associate with Pirates? For me, it was the tall tales my Dad would weave that convinced my brothers and I to spend countless hours in the back yard searching for shiny valuable things history forgot and we were destined to find. What we sometimes forget is, it is the stories and perhaps the way they were told (around a campfire that one summer vacation, at the foot of a beloved Grandparent, under a blanket by flashlight with a best friend during a slumber party when you were 8 years old….) where the real treasure lies, buried deep within those ancient memories of good times past. Every amazing story, you know the ones that get retold over and over again at family reunions or with the old crew you used to hang around with in your younger years, starts with a “golden nugget”- that special kernel of something you couldn’t make-up if you tried. As a documenter of your own world, it is your job to pan for those nuggets as you sift through the proverbial sands of time and make sure that discovery is treasured.

Here are some Karen Foster designed Piratey goodness I found over at Collected Memories!

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