If you’re heading out to watch the fireworks tonight, make sure to read these three articles first!

How to Photograph Fireworks.  Great tips!

How to Photograph Fireworks by Decor & the Dog

How to Photograph Fireworks round-up at Craft Gossip

How to Photograph Good Enough Fireworks with a Point and Shoot by Unskinny Boppy

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10 Photography Tips from I Heart NaptimeJamielyn Nye at I Heart Naptime collected these 10 tips and tricks to help with your photography. From food photography, to portraits, to editing for the web, you’re sure to find help.

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tips for photographing star trails from digital photography school

If you’ll be in the great outdoors this summer, you might want to take photos of the night sky. In this tutorial at Digital Photography School, you can learn how to create photos with star trails. It takes some time, …

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beach-photography-tips from Click it up a notch

Elicia Graves shares her five top tips for better beach photos. I will definitely be using these this summer! These tips from Click It Up A Notch will help you get “creative and beautifully lit shots” to document your beach …

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Shutter Speed Photography by Shari Hanson at I Heart Naptime

It’s summer and the kids are outside riding bikes, skipping rope, swinging and having a grand time. Shani Hanson will help you capture the motion in her article at I Heart Naptime. She covers how you can use different shutter …

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Valerie-Jardin-get-close-1Valerie Jardin at Digital Photography School reached out to social media and asked ” What is the most valuable photography tip you’ve gotten?”  She received a plethora of responses, and in her article she shares 14 of them with …

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Alissa from Creative with Kids shares some tips and conversation starters to help you take better photos of your kids, and have them be willing participants in the process. I really like that she focused on connecting with your …

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Setting custom white balance in camera at Everyday Elements Online

Wondering why the colors in your photo are off? Maybe your images are too yellow, or too blue? You probably need to adjust your white balance, and Amanda at Everyday Elements addresses how you can set a custom white balance

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Now that you have that fancy camera, what’s next? That’s what Chelsea of Two Twenty One addresses in her post “I have a DLSR Camera. Now What?” She includes practical tips like insuring the equipment and reading the manual, …

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5 Tips for Shooting in the golden hours by Project Alicia

The first hour after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset, are known in photography parlance as The Golden Hours. This soft glowing light is beloved by photographers, but it takes practice to utilize them properly. Project Alicia

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Three Tips for Photogrpahing Men by Lucrecer Braxton

Having a tough time getting great photos of the men in your life? Follow these three tips from Lucrecer Braxton for some help. She suggests approaches for lighting, posing and composition. Click here to see more.…

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Selfie help book from PhotoJojoLast year The Oxford Dictionay named “selfie” their word of the year, and who are we to argue with that? Now the folks at PhotoJojo have written a guide to selfies that they are calling “The Selfie Help Book”

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Photography For Scrapbookers - Get Your Best Photos Ever at Blythe Ponytail Parades

Get some great tips for taking better photos over at Blythe PonyTail Parade. She covers a host of topics in this post, including outdoor lighting, flash, composition and the rule of thirds. Set yourself a challenge to attack each …

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Tutorial - DIY Camera Wrap Bag from PhotoJojo

When I came across this tutorial from PhotoJojo, I knew I’d not only have to share it here, but also definitely make use of it! Sometimes I want to take along my “big” camera without taking my camera bag …

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Photography for Scrapbookers - 4 ideas for Improving Your Photography

SuzyQ Scraps shares four of her favourite tips for stretching herself and improving her photography skills. She expands on each tip shown in the image, and provides links to resources for each one.  Click here to read more.

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