When will I ever have the time?

My life has been very hectic lately. My children have been exposed to the chicken pox. So I have been waiting with anxious anticipation, on whether they will get the chicken pox or not. They have never had them before. The youngest has been exceptionally grumpy for the last week which has made life and my attitude rather challenging. And I keep thinking to myself, I want to scrapbook, but when will I ever have the time??

So I bring to you all tonight an option, a[tag] weekend retreat[/tag] just for [tag]scrapbooking[/tag]. Now I have to be honest and say I have yet to go on one, but they are sounding more and more like my only option.

My sister-in-law went on one recently and got 12 12×12 pages down. She was very excited. She went with ladies she works with and had a fabulous time.

What I have done for you tonight is to bring to you links that will help you decide if this is the option for you. If it is, then do not waste any time. Book one now. Make yourself a priority. We all need a little time away doing the things we love.

Olde Geneva Dairy
Gotta-Scrap Inn
Creative Cowgirl’s Scrapbooking Weekend

I have given you a start. Now you go out and find what you need. Or even just get a group of family and friends, find a place and put one on yourself.

The point is to take time for yourself, doing something you love with people you love.

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