What’s Your Story?

Today I watched my children sit at the feet of an amazing storyteller. He had their undivided attention and you could almost see the drool from their slack-jawed bliss. Each and every child hung on his every word. The yarn he spun spoke to each and every one of them on such a personal level. What made his stories real was the fact that he himself believed them without doubt and each person in that room felt that. After the crowds left, I asked him what inspired his fantastic tales. He said handwritten scribbles from his grandfather on random bits of paper his grandmother stuck to the back side of the family budget ledger in and amongst her favorite recipes. That was his story. It got me thinking, what is my story? What is your story? And, more importantly, what are you leaving behind for future generations to be inspired by? Scrapbooking is about piecing together memories and having them tell the story when you aren’t around to do the interpreting.

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