Life isn’t ordinary. I suppose if it was, we’d have nothing worth documenting, nothing that inspires us, nothing that calls us to action, nothing we would think is worth our time. I am thankful for the little moments, the funny things folks say, the random signs on the side of the road, and the fantastic array of extraordinary people with stories you truly could not make-up if you tried. It makes my days interesting and each day a gift.

At the Summer CHA show, I was smitten by a company called Graphic 45. I liked their sense of style and the folks there were just good people- the kind you’d want to have over for dinner. One of my friends called to tell me that she was expecting a new baby in the spring and I had remembered the “extraordinary” announcement I had seen over on the Graphic 45 blog. Babies are miraculous things to begin with and finding unique ways to share that special news with others solidifies the fact that ours days are filled with the amazing and deserve special ways to commemorate them. I do not believe for a second that anyone is “ordinary”….why should the ways we document them be?

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