Tip: Scrapbook Sharing

My friend Wendy and I were talking the other day about scrapbooking and she shared a great tip with me.

Her tip:

If I do ever have kids I’m going to make a complete page then copy it at Kinkos – or just make two prints of everything, but keep two albums – the family complete album, but then an album for each kid to give to them for their family memories when the get married, move away, whatever. I know finding my husband’s childhood pictures were an absolute treasure trove to me!

I think this is a wonderful tip that honestly hadn’t come to my mind before.  Hope it will be as useful to you as it was to me!


  1. says

    I agree. People get so much out of re-living great moments in their lives and my kids absolutely LOVE looking at photos, especially my 4 years old. She keeps showing me her baby photos and telling me stories about them, like where was it taken (our old house) or what was she thinking at the time. A real pleasureof a conversation to have!

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