The Bigi Digi Digital Scrapbooking Contest

Here is a contest worth mentioning. It is being done by [tag][/tag] and if you were to win you would be blessed.

The contest is called The Bigi Digi Digital Scrapbooking Contest. It runs from April 25th to June 30th. “’s “Bigi Digi Contest” is an online layout contest that seeks to identify [tag]digital scrapbook[/tag] pages that exhibit extraordinary creative and aesthetic appeal.” I have linked you directly to the page that will give you all the details.

First place chooses one of one of three computer systems: Either a Dell laptop with a 17” monitor, or a Dell XPS 210 Desktop system with 20” flat LCD Widescreen monitor, or a 20″ LCD Flat Screen IMAC. Included with prize pack is a Canon PIXMA Pro9000 12×12 printer, Photoshop Elements, LumaPix Fotofusion Enhanced, and over $400 in digital element kits.

My only regret is that this is for digital scrappers. I hope you all check this out. I know I am definitely going to look into this more. I could definitely use a new computer and I would love a 12×12 printer.

If any of you do decide to do this, please let me know and let me see the layout you will be submitting.

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