Making Memories surprised the crafting industry with a portable hand held die cutting tool…. being the gadget junkie I am, I had to check it out for myself. I was personally impressed with the ease in use and the fact that it could fit in my basic crafting kit. I think more and more folks are concentrating on space saving gadgets and the portability of their crafting supplies as people tighten their budgets and continue to downsize. The other cool feature is the fact that it is cordless….which is extremely useful at those crops where outlet availability is limited. All in all, I am impressed.


  1. maryle says

    Can’t say that I am overly impressed with this product.
    They have sorry customer service, and misleading addage on tv. No where online or tv does it say that you have to pay additional fees to return if not satisfied, yet to my dismay and surprise, that is exactly what happens! I am familiar with online and tv purchases, this was not my first venture out.
    When my Slice finally arrived, I found out that my 30 day “FREE” trial started at time of shipment…which significantly cut into my 30 days….it took over two weeks for it’s arrival.
    My adhesive provided was not sticky and made a mess on the cutting board. And the blade was so dull that I had to change it before the first use…
    When I called about the problems, they simply said i could return it. I certainly didn’t needan invite to do that!

  2. says

    I call about the slice and they told me that the 30 days started from shipping date and I asked about returning it and I was told to call and get a r.o. number hopefully mine will have a better time with it maybe maryle should try the cricket cutter its bigger but may work better for you.

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