Serenity Now!

Okay, still one of my favorite Seinfeld quotes even though it has been gone for oh too long…. Serenity is just one of those happy places where things come together just as they should, where cares melt away and calories don’t count. A girl can dream can’t she. Actually, we do all have a place where our heart is quiet and you can see stuff in an almost freakish clarity if we train ourselves to find it. The point is, we have to want to find it. We have to set aside moments in our lives to take the time to write these things down. Our mind deceives us and lulls us into a false sense of security every time we think we will never forget something and have no need to take an extra moment to jot it down just incase. For me, there are several moments I want back… my wedding day, the days each of our kids were born, the day my grandpa died and seeing the massive crowds at his funeral…the moments I wish I could have back because time has stolen them from me and left the details to fade into obscurity. Days like that naturally go by in a blur and the pictures we take, unless properly documented in context, leave us scratching our heads and wondering why it was so darn important to get those shots in the first place. Our moments are too important to leave unnamed and in the hands of folks who can’t tell the story like you can.

I found these lovely folders at Sugar Paper that are perfect for binding together all those random scraps of paper you put your thoughts and stuff you don’t want to forget on. Whatever system works for you is the one you should embrace. I wish you Serenity Now!

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