Scrapbooking with Your Kids

I found this info from one of my favorite email newsletters. It is from [tag]Creating Keepsakes[/tag] and it always has tons of great stuff in it. This time I have a link on a new book they are promoting. It is called [tag]Scrapbooking with Your Kids[/tag].

Scrapbooking with Your Kids is full of great kid-friendly ideas. I know, if you are like me, you would love for your kids to enjoy one of your passions with you. This will help and up until tomorrow you will be able to preview the chapters if you follow the link. I have checked them out and I encourage you do it also. It will definitely inspire you and leave you wanting more.

I hope you enjoy checking this product out. If you know of another like it, please let me know. I have three girls and I am always looking for ways to encourage their creativity.



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