Scrapbook Paige

Scrapbook Paige is a family oriented, addictive “hidden object” game that is addictive for adults who like “find a word” style games. Overall I think it’s a great game to try and would be well worth considering for your kids who are keen to play with your scapbook supplies.

*Paige (the girls name) needs your designer’s eye to help her with her scrapbooking shop.
Search through the shop’s many themed areas for those special items that
will add a personal touch to the customer’s scrapbook pages.

Searching for a boat themed item in a draw full of un-organized, buttons, brads, ribbons and more in Paige’s shop is so much like me rummaging through my own drawers. But of course much more FUN !!

After searching the many themed areas of the shop, players are given the
chance to try out their scrapbooking skills. 
“Speed Rounds” offer an exciting challenge as you try to complete rush

The player can choose to play against the clock or to play in relaxed
mode with no clock. No clock was slihtly boring, but helpful when you have constant interuptions like the kids or the boss coming in.

*Special Features:*

Creative scrapbooking projects in between levels

Gallery for viewing completed projects

Exciting speed rounds

Riddle items hidden in each level

Excellent magnifying glass tool to find hard to see things

The game can be downloaded at

You can download and play the free 60 minute trial of the game
before deciding to purchase.

This post was written by Scrapbooking Guest Editor Shellie Wilson


  1. Shannon Williams says

    Games with crafters in mind. What a cool idea! Hey, the guys get all those football, race car, and hunting games, why shouldn’t us ladies have niche games, too???

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