Made Up Words

So, Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll did it all the time….made up random words and names that managed to trickle down into our everyday speech. It got me thinking about all the Un-Words we have around in our household, the words we use in everyday speech that our family members totally “get” but, to those on the outside would raise an eyebrow to. In case you are wondering, we have made up games and holidays as well but, I regress. The point is, we seldom take the time to write these things down and the meaning gets lost in translation years down the road. My challenge to you today is to think about a made up word in your world and use the pictures and ephemera of your life to define it. This is one of our favorite words from the Un-Words dictionary- have fun.

30. adorkable (?-dôrk’?-b?l)

  1. a. (adj.) Equally adorable and dorky.

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