I was inspired tonight. I was out and about, checking other scrapbook blogs, wondering if I was behind on anything.
I discovered I definitely am.

There is so much out there.
I know I will never run out of things to tell you,
because there will always be new ways of doing things,
new products to make scrapbooking more enjoyable,
and new ideas to spur on creativity. It is very exciting.

One of the things I love about scrapbooking is that it will be a living, visual legacy I leave behind.
One way I do this is by journaling.
There are so many sites out there that give you ideas on how to do your scrapbook journaling that I recommend you check them out.
I will provide you with a few, but there are many.
If you do not find what you are looking for in my list, keep looking.
There are many people out there with great ideas.
Too many to put into one blog entry.

One way that I keep track of life for journaling is writing letters to my girls.
When they are getting close to graduating high school, I am going to make them a scrapbook and I am going to put these letters in it with pictures that coincide.

I love taking time to write to each of my girls.
I think of how special they are now and how exciting it is to see them grow, change, and develop into young ladies.
I write to them about what is happening in their lives’ right now.
I tell them about the issues that are affecting our family right now.
I tell them little things I remember about being their age or something that they do that I was told I did at their age.
When they receive this scrapbook, my hope is they will see I tried to be the best parent I was able to be and that I loved them tremendously.

I challenge you. Take some time.
Think about your kids – their likes and dislikes.
Write down the things they would like to know about when they are older.

We have a daughter who is 11 and then our next is 4.
Our 11-year-old is always asking me if she did the same things her sister has done.
Most of the time, I cannot remember.
This is my way of making sure they will be able to know what they were like when they were small.

Below are some sites that give tips for journaling.

Pages of the Heart
The Photo Scribe
Pathways to the Past

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