How Fast They Grow – Scrapbooking The Little Ones


How Fast They Grow is a website that offers parents a way to scrapbook the digital photos of their little ones that is not only quick, but impressive looking. I think their albums are just darling and I can imagine that any parent would love something that helps them save a bit of time!

 How Fast They Grow


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    I really like the way you created your page. It is a very cute and will a memorable page to share with your son when he gets older. I have been scrapbooking for 8 years and have completed a full album and have many that I am working on. I’d love for you to share any ideas you have and I have a few sample layouts on my website that you can take a look at and please feel free to leave a comment about how you like them and what I could do to improve them if needed to do so.

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    I really like the page you created to show your son when he grows up. I like the way you used the black and white photo. I think it gives a better contrast to the page. I am a scrapbooker myself and really enjoy doing it.

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