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After a request from a tornado victim in Alabama enquiring about products related to disasters, Ali Edwards created this set of hand written word brushes. She is offering them as a free download on her blog. Click here to see what Ali had to say and to download the brush set.


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    Thank you SO much for these. My daughter lost her home and belongings in the 4-27-11 tornadoes in Alabama and now that our “to do” list is slowing down (thought the insurance still hasn’t gotten her into an apartment), I’ve been working on turning the photos of it all into a book for her. My idea is to show her lovely first home bought less than a year ago, then the destruction and then the rebuilt home to focus on the positive and praise God for saving her life so miraculously.

    I was so surprised you thought to make these and they are PERFECT!! Love your hand writing too. I’ve already added them to many of the pages I’ve made, but I wonder if I could impose on you for just one more word? Shock. We are still in shock as it’s been too busy to process what’s happened. I would LOVE the word “shock” to add to her book. I know you’ve already done so much, but if it’s possible, I sure would appreciate it. I don’t have a tablet or I’d try to make it myself, but then the handwriting wouldn’t match anyway…

    God bless you and everyone who is suffering from any kind of disaster, health (I have 2 loved ones in hospice right now and one who’s been bed bound for 2 yrs. now) or natural. pain is pain. Loss is loss. Grief is grief. God bless us all! Thanks!

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