Free Beach Scrapbooking Printables



As fun as it it is shopping for scrapbooking supplies, it can also get expensive very quickly. It can also be inconvenient to stop working on a page to go and purchase more supplies, if needed. Printables4Scrapbooking offers a creative solution to this problem – additions to your scrapbooking pages that you can print from home. The site has some great printables for the summer – including a set for a beach day themed page.


Free Beach Scrapbooking Printables @



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    ohohohoh! I love this! Thank you for posting this! Your timing couldn’t be better since I’m soon to start a project that will involve lots of beach pages!

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    Thanks so much for the mention! I get very few comments on my site right now, so any suggestions ANYONE has would be really appreciated. I created these beach items specifically because someone requested them, so I’m really interested in knowing what people would find useful!

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