Embellish with Ribbon

I received an issue from Scrapbooks etc. weekly newsletter recently, which is part of the Better Homes and Gardens family. It had some great ideas on using ribbon as an embellishment to your layouts in an article called Ribbon Romance. They are using these in the traditional manner, but I was thinking this would be great digitally also. In fact, it would be a lot cheaper in digital scrapbooking. You could have just two or three ribbons. All you have to do is change the color and you can almost have as many as you want.

I have included the link to this article and I hope you find it helpful. I would highly recommend you joining this newsletter. You go to the Better Homes website, link above. At the bottom of the page is an area with all the BHG stuff, one of the links is free newsletters. Click this and then follow the directions. I have found it helpful and inspiring.

Again, I plead with you, let me know your ideas and thoughts.

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