Easy Being Green

Kermit the Frog lamented that it wasn’t easy being green well, I beg to differ. The opportunities for folks to craft more “earth consciously” has never been easier. I know many folks who have chosen to go the digital scrapbooking route as a way to cut down on the use of adhesives and paper. But, for those of us who just can’t bare to go all digital because we are tactile type people and like feeling the paper and embellishments and having a physical piece of art in front of them, we have choices….Recycle, Reuse, Redefine our existing stash.

My friends Linda and her sister Karen (of Visual Chronicles fame) remind us that everyday materials can easily be given a new life as a part of our memory documenting process. Now, I need to say here, I have never met either of these crazy amazingly talented gals in person but, I am a groupie and read their blog and Twitters whenever I can- so I am a friend by proxy. I guess the reason I love following them is because they are ordinary folks who have a passion for life (the good, bad and ugly) and want to give an honest account of what it is they experience.

The point is, “Green” is a choice just as much as the way you desire to document those thoughts and special memories. Here is a wonderful article from Scrapjazz that gives you loads of ideas on how to “greenify” your scrapbooking.

Here is a wonderful journal that “drives” home the point from NightOwlMo on Etsy. (Support the creativity and innovation of fellow artists…buy their stuff!)


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    Thanks for the links. Will have to check them out! I’ve been dying to get a bit more digitally creative.

    I don’t do fancy scrapbooks so I tend to squeeze a lot of photos on one page. That’s my earth-conscious effort when it comes to using up photos that were taken ions ago. As for new photos, I save as much as I can on discs then once a year I take the best of the best and make a year-in-review scrapbook using MyPublisher.com–again, nothing real fancy. And, for those that don’t make it in the book, I put them to disc as video montages.

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    I think this is an AWESOME idea with legs! One of the lasses I designed for Version Scrap in Paris this past Spring was 90% recycled stuff and it was a SMASH! People love the idea of green crafting!

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