Digital Scrapbooking and Homeschooling

For your information, I homeschool. I have a daughter who is 11 and this is the third year we have homeschooled her. Well, actually, I do most of the schooling. My husband throws in a bass guitar lesson every now and again.

Anyway, while searching for homeschooling stuff, I came upon this [tag]digital scrapbooking[/tag] freebie kit. It is cute and about creation.

The site is, like I said, I was searching for homeschool stuff. This is all that it comes with: 7 Designers Papers, 50 Scrapbook Embellishments, 20 Word Art Images, 7 Coordinating Scraps, and 21 Art Images. I have provided a sample page and a page showing some of the contents. I hope you like it.




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