Count Down

Count downs are something that are in every person’s life in one way or another. We count down the days to a needed vacation, to the weekend, to a birthday or anniversary, to “that” special day be it a wedding, a birth, a graduation or Holiday. In our home, we have a calendar in the kitchen with colorful magnets that inform our children of the anticipated events coming up during the course of the month. It is a wonderful way to solidify the concept of time and instills the virtues of delayed gratification and patience. Now that Halloween has passed, Christmas is the next “big” thing in their world (yes, they tend to skip over Thanksgiving) and we are feverishly working on their Advent Calendar boxes where little trinkets and such will await them each night in the month of December as we countdown to Christmas. Think about the things you are counting down until. How are you marking those days?

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