Christmas Archiving

Christmas is a time to accumulate clutter. Not only do toy boxes get over filled but so do Christmas storage boxes, photo tubs and even that sweater drawer as we pick up one more decoration or one more ornament.

Andrea Steed shares this article over at Scrapjazz on “how to archive your holiday cards and letters”.

I must admit I don’t actually get too many letters anymore,I guess I could print out my e-mails and keep those safe for reminiscing later in life.

Andrea’s concept is pretty basic but it is a great idea and with a little creativity I am sure you can come up with something fantastic.

Do you have some Card archiving ideas? Share them in the comments section.

Written by guest editor Shellie Wilson


  1. Dee says

    I like this idea, however, I use my cards to craft with…I make tree decorations, gift tags, small gift boxes, etc from the cards, so I wouldn’t want to crop them into the representative sizes and glue to the manila envie. I would rather scan the cards, then decrease the size in my photo manipulation program, then cut out the reduced scanned images and glue them on. That way I could have representations of the cards I received AND still have the cards to craft with.

  2. kathy s says

    I archive/save all my cards by keeping them in the old fashioned Scrap books like the ones we used to use in primary school- I quite often get them out to look at but always use them for inspiration when I have a creative block- my children used to like looking at them too to see how the designs have changed over the years and I hope my grandchildren will enjoy them too when they are older.

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