A new site was brought to my attention recently that I thought you might be interested in checking out. It is called [tag]Children-scrapbooking[/tag].

Now, the name is a little misleading. At least it was to me. It is a site that is focused on child-themed [tag]scrapbooking supplies[/tag], not supplies for children to scrapbook with. I am not sure if they just opened recently or what. Their stock is somewhat limited, but very cute. I loved a lot of the themes that they carried. They have quite a few different categories of items just not a lot within these categories.

Again I will say that the papers and themed material I saw was very cute. So if you are working on pages for your kids, this is definitely a site worth checking out especially if you are wanting something a little different and special.

The link is I hope you take a look.

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