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Tip: Scrapbook Sharing

My friend Wendy and I were talking the other day about scrapbooking and she shared a great tip with me.

Her tip:

If I do ever have kids I’m going to make a complete page then copy it at Kinkos Read More ...

iPod Shuffle Layout

iPod - Photo by mferak at stockxchange.com

Does your iPod occupy as much of your time as mine does? My iPod contents have a lot to say about me, some stuff that maybe I wouldn’t want everyone to know… (hey, I can’t help it, you can’t tell … Read More ...

Hosana’s Scrapbook

Today, I want to share with you the scrapbook I recreated for our exchange student. She left this morning to return to Japan and I wanted her to have something fun to remember us by. I thought of getting her … Read More ...