9 Ideas and Free Printables for St. Patrick’s Day

9 Ideas and Free Printables  for St.Patrick's Day at Scrapbooking Craft Gossip

St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday March 17th, so you have all weekend to get ready! Here are 9 ideas, some with free printables, to help.

Top Row:

1. Printable Leprechaun Bait treat bag toppers from Life, Love, Liz.

2. Printable Shamrock Pins from mom.me

3. Free Party printables from Online Labels. Get labels for chocolates, beverages, candy and tic tac cases.

Middle Row:

1. Kiss Me, I’m Irish printables by Kate at Studio DIY

2. Set of 4 printable stickers from Confetti Sunshine

3. Rainbow Seeds Label from The Chic Site. Add to a bag of colorful candy!

Bottom Row:

1. Make some clover canvas art using a heart punch and green papers. All the instructions are at Lovely Clusters

2. Whip up some treat boxes with origami using the printable patterned paper, and the video tutorial at Design, Eat, Repeat

3. Even more folding with this Lucky Clover in paper from Waffle Flower. You get the printable folding template, plus instructions.


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